At Stoneywish, Ditchling

Seasoned Hardwood 

Logs For Sale (Ash)

Call Now:07748565624 or send a text

We can deliver logs to your door.

We supply top quality hardwood Ash logs, split and ready for burning in wood burning stoves, wood burners and open fires. We guarantee that our wood is all hardwood and well seasoned.

Our logs are dry and barn stored, Nets are easy to handle and store, no fuss, no mess. Just bring in a net when you want.

Barn Stored

20 Netted bags £95

10 bags £50

Loose truck load £90

(same quantity as a large builders bag)


Call Now:07748565624 or send a text

We sell logs for your camp fire when camping at Stoneywish Nature Reserve.

For more information on our logs please call: Mike Burgess

M: 07748565624

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